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  • Bioactive Food Components - Our research on food bioactives seek to elucidate the fundamental science underpinning the popular ‘5-a-day’ message to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables to maintain good health.

Food is fundamental to our health, and the health of the nation as a whole. Diets rich in plant-based foods help keep us healthy. A key aim of this programme is to find out exactly how. It will provide the evidence that underpins public policy and health advice. It will also lead to the development of foods and food ingredients with enhanced nutritional and functional properties.

Not only will this promote health and healthier ageing, it will support jobs and wealth generation within the food and drink manufacturing sector. Further work targeted at converting agri-food chain co-products and waste into valuable bioethanol promises to add competitiveness. Together this programme of work will help to ensure the international competitiveness and sustainability of the UK agri-food chain, in addition to contributing to the health of the nation.

Our Research Themes

Food Structure in the GI Tract

Food Structure in the Gastrointestinal Tract

The Food Structure theme focusses on how complex food structures behave in the gastrointestinal tract, how they affect digestion and the rates of nutrient release and uptake.

Bioactive food components

The Food Bioactives theme will uncover the fundamental biology of how certain components of food are absorbed by the body and affect processes in the body to maintain or enhance health.

Exploitation of co-products and wastes

The Exploitation of co-products and wastes theme will look at optimizing ways cellulose-rich materials produced by agriculture and food processing can be converted into bioethanol.

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